Friday, October 22, 2004

Fuck Bitches, Get Money

Hiya boys, long time no write huh? Well yes I've been neglecting you but it's been for a very good reason, I've been too busy having fun!! I, your perfect Princess, have been doing something I never thought I'd do, even for a little while. I gave up control for a couple of months to a group of girlies who are now my sorority sisters! YAAAAAYYYY! Princess Crissy is now an official sorority chick and my sophomore (right now), junior and senior years in college are going to be so kick ass! I didn't even join for the party factor, I'm so fucking hot I can get into any party or any bar on my own. I have always loved the bond and the sexual playfulness I saw when one of my girlfriends introduced me to the girls, and since my mother is a member of the same sorority, it was destined for me to join! I'm so happy that I made it through, I'm a stubborn feisty bitch and it was hard as hell having to hold my tongue. I can't divulge any of my rites of passage, but I'll just say that all my sisters are FUCKING HOT and we are the baddest bitches in the world! I told my sisters what I did, pussy whipping you loser boys on the phone, and now I have 16 new threesome-mates for naughty two way humiliation calls. you boys will love them, I guarantee! Now that my life is back to normal, you boys need to make sure you give me all your cash, because I've got soooo much playing to do it's ridulous. Don't it just suck being you, a boring blah in the house every night? Ahhh, too bad, heeheehee!