Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Weekend of amazing SEX!

Hey lil prick puppets. I know you missed me this weekend, but I couldn't even move, my nerve endings were tingling so much. I spent the entire weekend with Justin having the most mindblowing amazing sex I've had in a long time! We just went at it like crazy after this little tiff we had and we couldn't fuckin stop! My toes curled, I came too many times to count and I even got an ass cramp from all the positions we slipped into. God, his cock is so good it put Me into an orgasmic coma and I've been sleeping all day today since I didn't get ANY sleep over the weekend. HAHA! I'm up for a quick second and then I'll be going back to bed, so I decided to let you horndogs know how well your Princess has been getting fucked. And since you couldn't talk to me, except for one lucky loser who called me during a sex intermission, I'll give you some stiffy inspiration to keep you HOT for Me till I'm on again tomorrow.

We were arguing on the phone and Bri was over at my place laughing at us. Justin finally got so frustrated (yes, I was being a bitch to him, but he pissed me off) so he was like "Crissy, I've gotta go, I'll talk to you la" and before he could get out the full sentence, I hung up on his ass. Bri was laughing, telling me what an evil bitch I was and that I shouldn't be so mean to him. I was like "Whatever, his nose is so wide open for me that I could slap his mommy and he's still beg to eat my pussy!" And Bri knows I am so right about that. Anyways, I hear this knock on the door about 15 minutes later and it's Justin, standing there with some wimpy ass little flowers he picked up from the fucking grocery store on the way over. I looked at him like he was crazy and let him in, minus the shitty flowers. He came in and we went to the back for what I thought would just be a few minutes. Bri was in the front room watching TV and I'm sure prolly listening to us argue cuz we were kinda loud. I was sick of arguing with him and I was ready to get back to hanging with Bri so I turned to walk out of the room and he grabbed me and pulled me back in and laid this huge kiss on me. It was so intense and then he picks me up before I could say anything and throws me on the bed and pulls off my shorts. He pushes my thighs apart and slides my panties to the side and starts sucking on my pussy, it was like he was so hungry for it he didn't even take the time to get my panties off. I don't know how long Bri stayed out there, but the poor girl, I forgot all about her being there as I was getting the pussy palace worshipped. The pent up anger must have just unleashed in both of us because I was ripping off his shirt while he was sucking my clitty and he ruined my thong panties by ripping them off my body. He picked me up again and flipped me other on my tummy and I heard him taking his pants off. He grabbed my legs and slid his face underneath me and started licking my pussy again and after I came all over his face I flipped over and sucked his cock in a sloppy wet 69. I went from pissed to horny as fuck in 5 seconds flat! He picked me up and sat me on his cock and we had a rough quickie for about 20 minutes until we both came all over each other, then we just feel back on the bed and laughed over the stupid argument we had. It was so fucking hot and when we fucked the 2nd time that day, Keith called my cell..oopsie! Sometimes it be's that way!

Princess Crissy