Tuesday, July 20, 2004

what lucky boys

Hey losers, Princess graced two lucky boys last night with the thrill of their lives...well, one boy was more thrilled than the other. Justin came over last night and I decided to keep both my phones on, I was curious to see who would luck up and call. One little idiot called me on Keen just as Justin was pulling off My panties, but as soon as I said 'Hello' the little one minute announcement came on, so he was a two time loser, I didn't even let him know I was about to have my pussy tongue fucked. So a few minutes later I got a direct call from a client had only called me a few times before I took off this summer. Anyhoo, he was so excited to hear a little of me and Justin's fuck fun that he was giggling and trying to make requests on what he wanted Justin to do to me. I told him to shut the fuck up and I put him on speaker and basically ignored him while me and Justin got busy. We really weren't talkin much, just a lot of kissing, laughing, sucking and slapping sounds. Then it got really good and I started moaning and telling him to fuck me deeper. I forgot about Eddy until I heard him let out this high pitched groan and then the dial tone. We couldn't help but to laugh at that and a few hours later Eddy called back to leave me a $30 tip...well, actually he wanted to see if Justin was still there, but then he left me the tip. I won't be doing this often, but every now and then I like to let my callers listen in.


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