Monday, July 19, 2004

She returns to the throne

Hello my little bitches, your Princess has returned to the throne. I know you've missed me bunches but I had a family emergency to deal with at the beggining of July, and it stressed me out sooo much that I needed an impromptu vacation afterward. Keith took Me to Aspen Colorado for a little relaxation and we stayed at this amazing spa resort...yummy!! I got the works, hydration treatments, facials and full body wraps, I experimented with all kinds of different massages (the best were hot stone and shiatsu) and I even tried accupuncture, which was a little freaky, but fun! And of course I shopped and skiied and fucked like crazy, it was a nice get away, especially before classes start again in August. We got back friday and I just vegged out some more, because it really is hard work being this perfect! So now that My little break is over, I expect you pussy whipped puppies to resume your doting duties and gimme gimme gimme, your money, your attention, your stiffies, cuz I know ya love Me!
Justin, or "my dick on the side" as some of you know him, may come over later so you pervs might get lucky because I'll raise my rates and let you listen in on how a REAL man makes a girl feel...hahaha! For those that don't know Justin, he's like pure adrenaline in the form of a thick 8 1/2 dick...and he's such a little freak, he'll do anything I tell him to do and he'll do it anywhere I tell him to do it. I get a lot crazier with him than I do with Keith because Keith knows just about everyone in my family and all my friends, so when it's time to get wild, I prefer the fucktoy. Plus his cock is thicker which makes my pussy, the treasure you sluts covet, so happy!
I'm so pissed I've been missing 'The Simple Life' all summer, it sucks that I have only seen 2 episodes and I think the season is almost over, so when it comes out on DVD I'll definitely be adding it to my wishlist. Ok losers, your Princess is officially stress free and ready to work over and fuck over My little pussy puppets!

Princess Crissy


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