Monday, July 19, 2004

p.s. from Princess Crissy

Or should say p.c., which stands for pissy cunt.

Some little bitchy hag is crying that I copied her even though I had MY WEBSITE & MY PHOTOS up first, a loong time ago. In fact, I had BOTH of my sites up first, I didn't like the name of my original website last year so I created a new one but the original name is still up and it forwards to this one. So now the little cunt rag doesn’t like the fact I came to Keen to promote myself, tough shit. I’ve kept quiet this far, despite the threatening emails the thing has sent Me or the crap the thing has posted about me, I just laughed it off because it’s funny how deranged some chicks get when they have no life. But today the slander went too far so I had to speak up. C'mon retard, if someone posts stolen copyrited stuff on their site, the person who owns said property has legal backing to have it removed...and that's OBVIOUSLY not the case...HAHA, your 'hoodwinked' lie doesn't even make sense, it just makes you look like a silly lil bitch who let some made-up client use you like a cheap whore. My clients of A YEAR OR MORE love Me…new clients I get from Keen will love Me and I have every intention of continuing my business, so get a grip nut case!

Now fuck off and kiss the Princess Pucker bitch!


The Original Princess Crissy


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