Wednesday, July 21, 2004

oink oink piggy

Sorry boysluts, I missed a few calls tonight on my own line and on niteflirt, but I was out having fun so that should make you happy even though you missed me. I went to the city tonight (I'm in the suburbs of Chicago, not in the heart of the city) with a couple of my friends and we played pool and flirted our asses off at this new sports bar. It was so much fun, boys were begging to buy us drinks and stumbling over themselves to talk to us!! Me, Nikki and Bri were by far the sexiest girls in there, most of the other hags were old and sloppy or dressed like total whores, which are a dime a dozen. Some of these bitches were just putting themselves out there like "look at me, pay attention to me, think I’m sexy, want me"..ummm, pathetic! Needless to say, were we all pretty buzzed but Keith’s uncle owns a limo company, so we get a car whenever we don’t feel like driving or getting a designated driver. After pool (hey losers, Princess Crissy won $300 at pool! Well, I won $375 total but lost $75 to a lucky bastard) we went to this house party that Justin’s friend was throwing (I’m such a bad girl, but Keith’s uncle wasn't driving so no biggie! HAHAHAHAHAHA!) and hung out there for a few hours. Justin was so clingy and there was some fine ass guys in there, especially this black guy I'd met briefly before named Omar. Omar looks like a 6'4" Taye Diggs, YUMMY! And he was wearing these kinda tight khakis so his dick bulge was so obvious and so enticing. I’m gonna fuck that sexy motherfucka very soon, just because I can! Bri hooked up with a cutie that goes to my school, I’ve seen him around and he seems cool but he seems like a dingy blond guy so I think she just wants him for sex. Nothing wrong with that, the pretty girls always get dick from the sexiest guys while the ugly girls sit at home and dream about it. May as well give them a sex life to idolize! I flirted with Omar as much as I could, but I was so tipsy I didn’t want to say something I’d regret like "Pull out that big black dick so I can see if it’s as big as I think it is!" I’ll save that line for a one on one party with him, which is a cinch for a cutie like Me! So now I’m still wired from dancing and drinking and fucking with the limo driver, plus we stopped by IHOP and I don’t wanna sleep on a full tummy. Now that I’ve graced you dingleberries with my words, I’m off to watch Eurotrip before bed.


Princess Crissy


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